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The First UK newborn TWIN and MULTIPLE Specialist.

Shellie Wall Photography is based in Dereham, Norfolk.  A leading specialist in UK Newborn Photography, I am an award winning, publish photographer also a founding member of British Association of Newborn Photographers.

Newborn sessions are taken in my natural light home studio. I understand investing in custom portraiture is a luxury and it is my focus to provide photos that reflect you. All portraits are handpicked and beautifully retouched to perfection. I strive to provide a unique and custom experience from start to finish, guiding you the entire way.

The best days with my camera, are the days that I get to photograph a fresh newborn. This age can be the most difficult to photograph. Remembering their tiny features, fluffy hair, and all that is new about them. These early days should be captured and always remembered.

For more information about a Newborn session please get in touch. It's best to contact me well before your Newborn arrives so I can add your due date to my diary, you never know when these little bundles will arrive!

Newborns must be under 2 weeks, but for the best results under 12 days old on the day of session.

For further examples and more information please feel free to email me at

you can also find up to date information on the blog.

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Christmas is coming.....

YAY Christmas is coming .... I just love Christmas and am so excited to share it with so many new families.

Here are a selection of Christmas images take so far this year ... 

There will be lots more to come :) 

Becoming the first UK TWIN and MULTIPLE specialist.

Most of my followers will already know I just adore twins, They are my passion!!

I have done many twin sessions and now feel I can call myself a specialist in this area.

I have lots of twin sessions booked in over the next few months and I just can't wait to get started.



So if you are expecting twins or you know someone who is and would like award winning results, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

You can find all session and product prices on my website 

Strep B Meningitis Awareness Month

Strep B Meningitis Awareness Month

This is a story about Poppy a beautiful little girl i had the pleasure of photographing as a newborn and again at 6 months.

Just after her 6 month session she became very poorly and was taken into hospital.

Mum writes "Our daughter was born on 7th Oct 2013 perfect and healthy, we were totally in love and took her home. Life continued as normal with our beautiful baby until she was 6 months old. She started get very poorly with high temps, sickness and very sleepy, I took her to my GP twice and was sent home with Calpol! A couple of days later we took her to hospital and a couple of days after that she was diagnosed with Group B strep and meningitis! We stayed for a couple of weeks in hospital on intravenous antibiotics, brain scans, heart scans and lumber punctures. She's now very well and healthy again thanks to the amazing doctors and nurses in the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital but I feel like EVERY new mum needs to be told about this, it's extremely uncommon for an older baby to get GBS but it DOES happen!! We had never heard of it before it happened to us! I feel very strongly that EVERY pregnant lady needs to be tested for it... We are so lucky our little babe has made a full recovery because we know not everyone's that lucky! ‪#‎GBSaware‬ ‪#‎GBSawareness‬ "

This is a post full of links to support groups and information, 

Facebook Support Group

Strep B Website

Poppy at her 6 month session with Shellie Wall Photography.

A few days in hospital the anti biotics started to kick in and this was her first smile since becoming ill.

antibiotics in the bottom of her pushchair so we could go for a walk.

This is the second week and they took her to theatre to put a longline from her ankle to her hip because the cannulas kept coming out, this was the worst day for us... She had been sedated all afternoon to have a CT brain scan then a couple of hours after was taken to theatre and knocked out for the longline... Heartbreaking!!

 Feeling lots better, I think a couple of days after this we went home!!


Twins and More ......

I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE twins.... 

There have been so many born just recently and I want to get my hands on them all :) 

Here are a few images of the beautiful twinnees I have had the pleasure to photograph just recently.

Aren't they just the cutest?? but I haven't had enough I want more!!!

So if you are due to have twins or more (triplets would be awesome) and want to take part in the most amazing offer you will ever be made, then please get in touch asap limited slots are available.

Email me at 

You can also send me a completed booking form here Bookings

The UEA Bump, Baby and Toddler show, Norwich Prize draw winner !!!

Phew thats a title!! 

So thank you everyone who came to the show and supported me, It was a great day!! 

We have a winner out of all those enteries... And that luck winner of a free NEWBORN SESSION is.........


Could Lyndia Wilcox please get in touch asap to we can get you all booked in !!